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RYLH 2 или за что воевали наши деды в Корее


GIs desperately fighting

Chinese volunteer fighting a GI with his bare hands

Ice fishing, Pyongyang

"A decisive turn in the people's living standard!" (1)

Ice-skating, DPRK style

"Juche 99(2010): Great revolutionary upsurge"

Happy New Year Juche 99 (2010)

Playing Kayagum

"Let us accelerate revolution and construction according to the principle of giving precedence to military affairs!"

Traffic policewoman near Taedong Bridge, Pyongyang

Taking wedding photos

Lunar New Year Juche 99

House entrance in An Sang Taek Street, Pyongyang

Furniture delivery

Pyongyang shop at night

Veteran lorry, Pyongyang

Dacia 1300 car

Nampo street scene (2)

Roadside scene in Pongchon County

Election campaign, DPRK style

North Korean students

Mobile propaganda unit

Umbrellas for the traffic ladies

A rainy affair

Drinks made in the DPRK

Bowing to the leaders

Election party, DPRK style

Fruit vendor in Taehak Street, Pyongyang

Shoe shop, Pyongyang

Casting his vote

Putting glass on Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

Tractor with passengers

Propaganda wall, Jongju

Ox cart loaded with maize straw

Woodgas-powered veteran lorry

Street evangelization in Pyongyang, c1930s
Street evangelization in Pyongyang, c1930s

Stalin Street, Pyongyang, 1959
Stalin Street, Pyongyang, 1959

Stalin Street, Pyongyang, 1960s
Stalin Street, Pyongyang, 1960s

Relay race

Sculptures in Chollima Street, Pyongyang

Portrait of Karl Marx at Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang

Kim Il Sung Square at night

Heroism (?)

Kimchi season, 4

Young women at drill, Pyongyang

New public telephones, Pyongyang

Kim Il Sung Stadium, Pyongyang

"Comrade! Are you riding the horse of rapid progress?"

"Death to the enemies of reunification!"

Pyongyang tram stop

Fruit shop, Pyongyang

Newspaper kiosk and vegetable stall in Taehak Street, Pyongyang

Delivering brooms

Lane in Ryul-dong, Pyongyang

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