chest_i_razym (chest_i_razym) wrote,

RYLH реальный рулх

Rangnang Cinema, Pyongyang

Tongil Street in winter (4)

Tongil Street in winter (3)

Jongo-dong, Pyongyang (1)

Street stall in Jongo-dong, Pyongyang

Bathing in the sea

Wonsan central square in the evening sun

Wonsan street scene (3)

North Korean children at Songdowon beach

Anglers at Wonsan pier

Bus stop, Wonsan

Block of flats, Wonsan

World map at Songdowon International Children's Union Camp, Wonsan

Wonsan street scene

Gun sculpture in Munchon Town

Road construction near Munchon (4)

Sungni lorry

On Songchon Bridge, Hamhung

Road construction in Unjon County (1)

Road construction in Kwaksan County (3)

"Flowers of the nation"

Taehak Street in snow, Pyongyang

Pyongyang 1033 tram

Clearing snow at Ongnyu Bridge, Pyongyang (1)

Food stalls in Changgwang Street, Pyongyang

Теперь представьте, придут корейские чубайсы и все это красотище погибнет.

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