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Универсальная пушка


Lithuanian girls in national clothes great germans when thei had crossed Lithuanian border. This photo kan be staged in german okupation four propaganda. Motorcycle trooper look like therminator from olden days


In the oriental part of the Soviet Union at the european-asian border: Camels in service of the german Wehrmacht. (ftg)

Das Reich with Flag, 1944.
Cold Russian Winter


The original caption of this photo described the subject as an Estonian volunteer in German service, armed with a Solothurn S-18-100 anti-tank rifle. Another post shows a colorized version of what I believe is the same photo ( ), but identifies the subject as a Hungarian soldier. Given that the colorized uniform of the soldier is highly unusual for Hungarian army, I suspect this caption may be the more accurate one - but I don't really know.


5th SS Panzergrenadier Division "Wiking" soldiers try to free from the mud,in Russia


Two german and a bulgarian soldier having fun on a carriage. Unfortunately the friendship wasn't meant to last. (ftg)


While Berlin lies already in ruins Adolf Hitler gazes at the model of the future ''Führerstadt'' (Führer's town) of Linz/Austria, February 1945. (ftg)

Heinz Wilhelm Guderian

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